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Suffolk Liberal Democrats

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Bryn Hurren

These will be very important elections as they will decide who will represent and battle for you for the next four years as your representative at Endeavour House.

I am a very experienced campaigner and councillor, having represented the Box Vale part of this seat for 22 yrs, in fact in the last election in a straight fight against a Conservative opponent I took 78% of the vote and won by a landslide. With this contest likely to again be a straight fight between myself and the incumbent as no other party will be actively campaigning or trying to get elected, Stour Valley may well see a change of representative if you decide to cast your vote my way. I strongly feel that this area would benefit from a change in elected representative and will be campaigning hard to achieve this.

As a working councillor, I still understand the needs of business and also of those who struggle to manage to make ends meet and put food on the family table.

If you cast your vote my way and I am elected on 6th May. My Priorities will Be. Cllr. Bryn Hurren

To stop the decay on our public highways. The fallen, hidden and broken signage, muddy unswept roads, poor or invisible markings and endless potholes have become a county embarrasment both to local travelers and bewildered tourists.

It is time to take repairs back in house and end the mindless diversions which seem to take drivers around in a ring and back to where they started. I would also promote a slip road at the 1071/134 junction to ease Colchester traffic safely out on to the 134 and save queues on the 1071 Ipswich Rd.

Education is not just about learning. It is about making sure that every child can travel safely, on public transport or dedicated school transport to their nearest school and that planning decisions reflect this in that development should only happen where there is local school capacity. Also further education should be easily available to everyone and transport to the nearest suitable courses should be provided free or cheaply to enable our next generation of scholars to blossom and prosper to lead us into more educated, enlightened and settled times.

Our next national leaders may come from Suffolk and should be encouraged.

Public Transport. This is so important in our Rural areas and remains a lifeline to those who do not possess a car or just choose not to drive. In modern times a regular, reliable bus service is needed to service our small towns and parishes. This will consist of small electric 16 seater buses running into our market towns and places of work and if we are to achieve a greener healthier future the funding will come from national government and we will all have to fight for this, otherwise our carbon neutral ambitions will be meaningless. We will also need safe paths and routes for those that choose to cycle for work, transport or leisure.

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